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Автор: dieseo от 27-09-2018, 15:58

More than once I have raised sports topics in my articles, because the people who have
dedicated their lives are truly worthy of respect. And today I want to tell you about the famous
swordsman, coach and judge of Ukrainian origin - Yevgenia Maximov! This unique man
dedicated his life to fencing.

Realizing his destiny at the age of ten, Evgeny Maximov directed all his efforts to fencing sport.
He became the champion of his country among cadets and juniors, won silver medals in the team
and individual competition, won the bronze medal at the 2003 World Championships in Italy.
Today, he is a brilliant category “A” swordsman, has been training students for more than 10
years, received the award “The Best Youth Trainer of the Year” and many more prestigious

Immediately after receiving higher education, Eugene began to engage in coaching. First, in his
own country, where he participated in various prestigious competitions a lot, he created his own
club Arsenal, and then abroad. It was Ankara (Turkey), where Maximov was appointed the head
coach of the sports club, worked with the national junior team and showed himself so
extraordinarily that he would be invited to Atlanta, the State of Georgia (USA).

 Fencing is an intellectual sport. And the task of the coach is to invest in the head of students a
basic level of knowledge, developing it, using the skills and personal data of the students, to the
highest level. Maksimov teaches kids self-dedication in a difficult way to the sporting peaks.
You have to talk, motivate, support, stimulate, and never suppress. Inspired child is engaged with
pleasure. These are the main tasks of the coach.

From his youth, Maksimov wanted to develop and grow to the rank of fencing judge. Therefore,
he studied a lot, studied video materials, seriously worked in this direction. Three months before
leaving for Turkey, Maksimova was invited by the Fencing Federation to fly to Italy and pass
examinations for an international judge. What was done immediately! This was for Eugene
another incentive to move up the career ladder. Having received the title of referee, Maximov
proceeds to the judicial work at the world championships, world cup stages, which take place in
Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Brazil ... He is helped by his sports skills and natural instinct,
the ability to build logical chains that lead from the beginning of work and lead to certain results.
Maximov knows exactly what he wants, he realizes his goals and life tasks. Reaching one peak,
he finds the next and seeks to conquer it.

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